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Georgetown Delaware Springfest



Feel free to listen to any of the sermons that are on the website at any time!! Go to the Media file and click on ‘sermons’. Recently added, is the beginning of our “Year of Grace” sermon series. Watch for a new sermon every week!



On April 20th, We will have our annual Resurrection Sunday Breakfast starting at 9am. All are welcome.



We will be having our Spring Fest this year on May 10th. Place and times are not set. For more information please contact us.



Andy Williams ,a.k.a., “Old Blue Eyes” smash hit “Its the most Wonderful Time of the Year” has finally been put away until next November. I remember,as a child, feelings of great anticipation and excitement building through that corridor on the calendar between Thanksgiving and December 25th, ‘crescendoing’ all week into New Years Eve. Decorations have being put up, special treats and meals prepared, packages wrapped and a flood of family and friends have come and gone. But now as the presents are no longer secrets to be kept, the lights have come down and the “Most wonderful time of the Year” is over (one wonders what that means for the rest of the year), the well wishes for a Happy New Year linger on. We truly want a Happy Year this year, but the cold hard fact is that it may not be, that is, depending on your definition of ‘Happy”. In Bible terms God uses the word ‘blessed’ , which means ‘happy’. It is comforting to know that the creator of the universe desires for his people to not only be ‘happy’ in an uncertain world, but to also provide the means for true and enduring ‘happiness’ through any and every trial possibly faced. So just what is the recipe for an abiding happiness? Matthew 5:1-12 contains the ingredients and the directions.

First start off with a generous portion of Humility. Those who have a humble spirit, who are gentle and kind, and those who have compassion for the needs of others will find good in difficult circumstances. “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God” A humble spirit will be at peace for “God gives grace to the humble”

Next add a heaping measure of Righteousness which is something that the children of God actually practice, it is what they do. This is an indicator of their love for God and their brothers. A hunger and a thirst for righteousness in God will always produce happiness.

Lastly, pour in gallons of Mercy. Those with a pure heart seeking the well being of others, peace between men, and enduring persecutions and insults have a focus on the kingdom of heaven. They know their heavenly reward will be great, far better than any possible earthly reward.

We all have the potential for great blessings from the Father of Lights, the Lord our God. The above recipe is actually a summary of how Jesus viewed the world. We would do well to ‘resolve’ to live like Him! He has given us everything and will continue to bless us as we diligently live for His will. Happy New Year!